I want to help

First of all, thank you so much. A lot has been destroyed in the fires and many people are in dire need of help. You can help the people of Monchique in the following ways. If you can help in a different way then listed below, please contact us!

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Foster a Family

Ajuda Monchique would like to invite families or organisations to foster families or individuals that have lost their homes. If you would like to donate your time, money and/or effort directly to a family, please contact us at ajudamonchique@gmail.com


Kezia Gibbons and the association she works with is one of the entities and our liaison contact for relocating families to temporary accommodation. If you have space to accommodate people that have lost their homes or volunteers, please contact her directly at keziahegibbons@gmail.com


DOnation of goods

We are collecting goods and distributing them to the people that need them most. You can drop off goods at our office (address below). You can find a list of most needed items that is constantly updated by pressing the button below.

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All the help is welcome! In the coming months we will need helping hands in order to distribute goods, help people with the cleaning of their land, demolishing, building and many other things. Please drop by our office or fill out the Volunteer sign up form below.


If you would like to contribute financially, you can donate to one of our partner Associations (Associação Espiral de Vontades, A Nossa Terra, TerraCrua Design) - please write 'Ajuda Monchique' in the description of the transfer so that the money is used specifically for the victims of the wildfires. You can also make a transfer to one of our local service providers (Cooperativa de Monchique and other local providers) - but before please enter in contact with us via email.