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Ajuda Monchique

Welcome to the website of the Monchique support centre. This is the central place for information regarding support in the wake of the wildfires. Everyone affected by the fire is asked to drop by the support centre so that we can document the scope of the devastation and allocate help efficiently. You can find us here. Scroll down for an overview of services. If you want to keep updated please subscribe for our newsletter on the bottom of this page.


What we do 

We are a civil platform 100% run by volunteer in coordination.  Our aim is to organize an effective distribution of help and to carefully report on all the damage that the fires have caused. In order to do this we have surveyed the region to map the extent of damage that was suffered by inhabitants. Apart from this we are taking in and redistributing goods that are much needed by people that have lost their goods in the fires. Finally we aim to keep you updated on the latest news and events concerning the aftermath of the wildfires. Click here if you want to volunteer!


I need help

If you are in need of help please click the button below to find an overview of organisations that can help and their contact details. We can also offer personal help. Please come by our office as well so we can check you in. This will help us to distribute resources effectively.

I want to help

Thank you so much! There are many ways to help. You can donate your time, goods or money. Please click the button below for an overview of ways to help the victims of the wildfire, so we can get you started.

Donation of goods

We are collecting goods and distributing them to the people that need them most. You can drop off goods at our office (address below). You can find a list of most needed items that is constantly updated by pressing the button below.



Contact Details

Email: ajudamonchique@gmail.com

Phone: +351 927 806 837

We have closed our office but we remain active. You can call us or email us.